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Delta Health Alliance is changing health care in the Mississippi Delta. Delta residents are gaining access to higher quality health care quicker, and they are learning how to stay healthy thanks to educational services and community outreach programs, such as the Indianola Promise Community and 21st Century Clinics.

Here are a few of the challenges Delta Health Alliance has been helping Delta residents address. Obesity rates are higher than a third of the nation’s population. Many chronic conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, are 50 percent above national average. More infants in the Delta die before they are one year old than anywhere else in the United States (as a percentage of total population). The number of health care providers serving the Delta has been shrinking while the cost of medical care and prescription drugs has been rising.


DHA News

Study: Delta Reading Program Providing Educational Advantage

INDIANOLA, Miss. – An early reading program in the Mississippi Delta is affording children here a distinct academic advantage as they head toward kindergarten and beyond, a new study shows.


Indianola School District and Indianola Promise Community Form Unprecedented Partnership

(Indianola, MS) – Giving students and teachers the resources they need to succeed is the focus of a new and unprecedented partnership between the Indianola School District and the Indianola Promise Community.